Mascot International A/S is Denmark's biggest producer of high quality workwear. In march 2008 we opened our own factory in Vietnam.










The Queen of Denmark and HRH the Prince Consort at our factory in November 2009.


Mascot International A/S is a Danish producer of work wear, founded in 1982. After 10 years of sustained high growth rates Mascot has become the biggest producer of work wear in Denmark and number five in Europe.

Mascotís corporate headquarters are located in Denmark, and all products are targeted for the European market. The entire production is outsourced to Vietnam, China, and elsewhere. In the past 10 years Vietnamese producers have become very important partners for Mascot.  


Our headquarters in Hai Duong.


New production and logistics facilities in Hai Duong

In 2006 Mascot decided to relocate its global Raw Material Storage Facility and Quality Control to HaiDuongProvince along with a garment factory, which will produce special orders that are today produced in Eastern Europe.  


The project is located in Tan Truong Industrial Zone and the facilities were officially inaugurated on March 7 2008. Mascot has also established its own company and obtained license for Mascot Int. Vietnam a fully owned company, licensed to operate a bonded warehouse and a garment factory.


We are now more than 1.000 staff working here in the garment factory and the bonded warehouse.


The Bonded Warehouse serves Mascotís global center for distribution and quality control of raw materials and accessories for our corporation. At the time of writing (January 2012) we are approx. 1.600 staff, working in the first phase of the project. 


During construction Mascot shared our experience in safety systems with the local authorities and other Vietnamese contractors in order to help reduce work related accidents. With assistance from the Embassy of Denmark we have made a small information campaign, and in our own project we managed to complete construction without serious accidents.


In 2008, The Ministry of Planning and Investment and the People's Committee of Hai Duong Province gave us a special award as a role model for investors due to our strong commitment to the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility for our staff and the local community.


HIV/Aids activist Pham Thi Hue to Mascot workers: "HIV victims are normal people just like you. Do you mind working with us?" Her visit was part of Mascot Vietnam's health care programme.


Our company health care programme is an integral part of our CSR concept. The programme includes treatment at our own medical station as well as our ongoing educational activities, run by our own medical staff.


Even though we now have our own facilities, we will also expand our cooperation with the existing Vietnamese partners.  At present we have close cooperation with several Vietnamese factories in Northern and Southern Vietnam.


Due to the strong growth of our company, we will need more suppliers in the future, and it is our intention to make Vietnam a focal point of our global production activities.


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