The Lenin Statue on Dien Bien Phu Street. The Maersk corporation celebrating their investment license with a lavish show at the Hilton hotel. Garment workers making 100-150 USD a month in Vietnam's booming industry. All is part of modern Vietnam.



Ha Noi's original name Thang Long means 'Rising DragonŽ. The capital was established at the Red River almost a 1.000 years ago, because Viet Nam's most powerful dragon was believed to reside here. The picture shows Hoan Kiem lake in the 19 century. According to the myth a magic sword is still kept in the lake by a giant turtle. The sword will be released, if Viet Nam should again be in mortal danger.


- Why did the sisters Trung have some of Viet Nam's most important streets named after them?

- What were the French really doing in "L'Indochine"?

Ho Chi Minh as seen by a US Lady

- Why and how did America loose the war in Viet Nam?

- Why is Lenin still on display in Ha Noi in 2012?

- Will Viet Nam become Asia's next tiger?

The answers may be found during the three-hour walking tours, I do on request from visitors to Ha Noi. Together we visit Viet Nam's unique capital with a focus on the locations, which have made a strong impact on Vietnamese history, culture and politics.  

This sight-seeing-with-a-purpose includes visits to the ancient Temple of Literature, the French colonial death row in Hoa Lo Prison and the B52-Lake with the wreck of the last US airplane that was shot down over Ha Noi.

Drop me an email at well in advance of your visit, if you would like to know 'where Viet Nam is coming from'.

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